oh. so. my son’s not the only korean djembe player out there?

(this is a pretty old picture, and he had a cold.)

but yes, when claudia got a djembe last year for her gotcha day gift (every gotcha day we’ve had in our house has been celebrated with a new percussion instrument), béla took it over. he’s always loved them, in all sizes.

last week, when listening to our beloved GTB fresh FM out of chuncheon, we heard a little song (you could really only call it a “little” song, it’s just little — not short, but little) that we’d have bet money was called “americano”, and which featured the line “bagel 주세요”. (빼고주세요 is the actual line, which is “please take it out/off.” it is funnier to think they are asking for a bagel. ) a perfect song for the kids, but we did not know how we’d find it again…

then, today, it turned up on one of my facebook feeds.

for my two — coffee house regulars, korean speakers, bagel eaters — it is a perfect theme song.

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