knitted philadelphians

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the incomplete edmund bacon bust, the first of the knitted philadelphians, summer 2005.


ed bacon in his own love park, november 2005. how sad i was that mr. bacon died a month or so before i finished this bust. because I had met him prior to starting it (and meeting him was a big inspiration in making it at all), i had very much anticipated his enjoyment of this piece. the bust was given instead to the ed bacon foundation, an organization that was short-lived and which never had a physical headquarters. i can only imagine what they did with it, since no one i met from the organization seemed to know what to make of it, nor did they have the social skills to hide their opinions about the presumed mental state of women who made big knitted heads. however, one of bacon’s daughters wrote me a lovely note of thanks upon viewing the piece, and yes, kevin bacon was complimentary of it, at the public memorial for bacon at philadelphia’s city hall.

the monograph about my experience knitting mr. bacon can be downloaded as a PDF file here.



two views of the knitted mikey wild, including one with mikey himself, march, 2007. i told mikey that i had made him something special and he asked, “is it vincent price?” of course that’s what he asked.

mikey wild. the mother fucking maverick.

(Read more about my experience of mikey here.)

the monograph on my feelings about “punk rock knitting” as a trend can be downloaded as a PDF file here.


the third of the knitted philadelphians, the knitted bust of suzanne roberts, which i finished shortly after claudia’s arrival in spring of 2008. i felt that if i didn’t get to work on it and finish it fast, the baby would keep me from finishing it at all… and, ms. roberts being a woman of a certain age, i didn’t want to risk her not seeing hers.

it was very hard to get in touch with ms. roberts initially, but she was a very pleasant and adept e-mailer, and i was able to drop the bust off at her offices somewhere in the frenzy of claudia’s newbornhood. ms. roberts claimed to like it, and i hope it is still there.